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Guest Disclaimer: Please note although we will do everything in our power to insure the guests on our post cards, flyers and web pages are in attendance emergencies do occur therfore celebrity guest appearances are subject to professional commitment.   

Geri Lee Reischl is an American actress and singer, known for her work as a child actor in the 1970s, most notably as Jan Brady on the variety show The Brady Bunch Hour, and various television commercials. At the age of she played Gretl in a production of The Sound of Music, starring Patrice Munsel, at the Melodyland Theatre in Anaheim, California. She was then signed to an exclusive contract with Mattel Toys until she was retired in 1971 by the company. From 1979 to 1983, she appeared in a series of Wizard of Oz-themed commercials for the breakfast cereal Crispy Wheats-n-Raisins, in which she played Dorothy. On television, Geri appeared on Gunsmoke, The Interns, Apple's Way and The Bold Ones. In addition to her noteworthy role as Jan Brady on The Brady Bunch Hour, Geri filmed a television pilot with Rene Simard entitled Rene and the Proteens. She went on to star in several low budget splatter films such as The Brotherhood of Satan (1971) and I Dismember Mama (1974). Geri is best known for replacing Eve Plumb in nine episodes of the The Brady Bunch Hour during the 1976-77 television season.  Geri  sang and played guitar in a California band by the name of Sand Dabs from 1974-76. She went on to perform at U.S.O. clubs, Magic Mountain, Knotts Berry Farm, the Harrah's Club, and with Marty Robbins at the Palomino Club of North Hollywood. She was one of Sammy Davis, Jr.'s "Kids" in his Lake Tahoe night club act, and also performed with Red Skelton. Geri released a re-recording of her famous Brady Hour performance of Your Song titled Fake Jan Sings for Real on September 25, 2011. Later that year, she followed up the single release with studio album titled 1200 Riverside on November 1, 2011.


The below celebrities have been signed to date by platinum entertainment.
 There will be plenty more and lots of surprise guests not listed. 

Apache Ramos "The Orphan"  with the huge afro is second in command to the leader. He points out to The Warriors that the Orphans have a heavy reputation by showing a newspaper clipping of one of their raids. He appears later on wielding a weapon, and looks surprised when he sees a molotov cocktail being lit. Like the other Orphans, we don't see them fighting as they get wasted by an exploding car caused by the molotov cocktail.
Kids come and meet Michael "The Pizza Boss" from Carmine's Pizza Factory in Jersey City. Michael will be teaching you how to toss pizza dough. Michael is working on his new cookbook and may have it ready to autograph at the show.  
Videos to Benjy Greenberg as The Riddler--The Joker ;



Link for Erik:                http://www.ekekdesign.com/
Erik has promissed to create a first release Toys On The Hudson Jiggler Creature and a personalized signed original art  rendition of our first show post card being attacked by Monsters! Several will be available for purchase at the show. 
Toys On The Hudson has had several discussions with Ed & Joe about releasing a show special figure or costume for Captain Action and possibly doing something special with their comic line.
NOTE: Not all guests have submitted a photo, so plan to see way more!

Ken Bald was born in New York City, New York and raised in suburban Mount Vernon, New York.[2] He attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn for three years, then joined the Englewood, New Jersey studio of Jack Binder, one of the early comic-book "packagers" who would supply complete comics on demand for publishers entering the new medium.[2] Beginning in 1942, during the 1940s period fans and historians call the Golden Age of Comic Books, Bald, via Binder, began drawing backup features for the prominent Fawcett Comics.[2]

Creator credits were not routinely given during this era, and while historians have tentatively identified Bald as both penciler and inker of the 14-page Bulletman story "The Terror of the Iceberg" in Fawcett's Master Comics #26 (May 1942), his earliest confirmed credit is penciling the 16-pageCaptain America story "Ali Baba and His Forty Nazis" in Captain America Comics #32 (Nov. 1943), published by Marvel Comics precursor Timely Comics.[3]

Detail from Dark Shadows newspaper comic strip. Art by Bald.

Going on staff at Timely, Bald drew stories of such superheroes as Captain America, the Sub-Mariner, the Blonde Phantom, the Destroyer, and Miss America variously through comics cover-dated July 1949. He both wrote and drew a number ofMillie the Model humor stories in the comics Georgie and Patsy Walker, and at least drew the teen-humor character Cindy in Georgie and Judy Comics and Junior Miss.[3]

Sun Girl #2 (Oct. 1948). Cover art by Bald.

Bald penciled the first appearance of the Sub-Mariner spin-off character Namora, in "The Coming of Namora" in Marvel Mystery Comics #82 (May 1947), but it is unclear if he helped create the character; the cover, which was sometimes created first, featured Namora drawn by Bob Powell. Similarly, Bald drew Timely's single issue of The Witness (Sept. 1948), starring a character co-created by writer-editor Stan Lee, but the cover for which was drawn by Charles Nicholas. Bald, with an unidentified writer, co-created Timely the superhero Sun Girl, who starred in a three-issue series cover-dated August to December 1948.[3]

His other comic-book work included the character Crime Smasher in Fawcett's Whiz Comics in the 1940s, and many anthological horror/suspense stories in American Comics Group's Adventures into the Unknown, The Clutching Hand, Forbidden Worlds and Out of the Night from 1949 through late 1954. Also for ACG, he co-created the adventure feature Time Travelers in Operation: Peril #1 (Nov. 1950).[3]

In 1957, Bald transitioned to comic strips, beginning with Judd Saxon — about "an up-and-coming young executive",{{cite book|first=Maurice|last=Horn[4] or "an executive turned detective"[5] written byJerry Brondfield, for King Features Syndicate.[5] On October 15, 1962,[6] A Sunday color strip was added April 19, 1964.[6] Bald and writer Elliot Caplin premiered the strip Dr. Kildare,[7] based on thetelevision show of that name. Comics historian Maurice Horn said, "Bald, who modeled the two principals on the actors who played them on television ( Richard Chamberlain and Raymond Massey), drew the strip with breezy, self-assured elegance."[6] Bald left Judd Saxon the following year.[4] In 1971, he created the comic strip Dark Shadows, also based on a TV series, a soap opera featuringJonathan Frid as vampire Barnabas Collins. That strip ended the following year. With the end of the Dr. Kildare strip in 1984,[6][7] Bald retired.[5]

Jim Kyle…..Is one of the top artists in the trading card field at the moment. He has done trading card work for companies such as Marvel, DC, Lucasfilm, Topps, Breygent, Newline, Cryptozoic, Moonstone, and 5Finity, to name a few.

Within the past seven years, he has worked on many high profile card projects including the Star Wars Galaxy series of card sets, The Clone Wars, Empire Strikes back 3D, and Indiana Jones for Lucasfilm Ltd. And Topps. The Lord of the Rings Masterpieces 1 and 2, also for Topps/Newline. The Complete Avengers, The Women of Marvel, Dangerous Divas, Xmen Archives, Fantastic Four Archives, Spiderman Archives, Spider-Man 3 (The Movie), Marvel Universe, Marvels Greatest Heroes and Marvel bronze Age(2012) for Marvel/Sony/Rittenhouse, DC Legacy for Dc Comics/ Rittenhouse. Marvel Masterpieces 1 and 2 for Marvel / Uperdeck, Voltron for 5Finity, The Wizard of Oz, Marilyn Monroe, The Classic Sci Fi and Horror Movie Poster sets, The Transformers, Deadworld, and GRIMM for Breygent Marketing. The Walking Dead Comic Series card set for Cryptozoic.

In 2010, he had his first published comic book work see the light of day with Zombies vs. Cheerleaders Geektakular #1 published by 5Finity and Moonstone Books. He then had his work featured in a coffee table book entitled, Voltron: United and Drawn also from 5Finity and Moonstone. His work is also included in this years upcoming Voices of the Deadworld book being released by IDW.

He has also started his own studio, Asylum Studios. They are a trading card and comic publishing studio. They are releasing their first trading card set in December called Blood and Glory which is being very well received by the non sport card community.

He also started (In conjunction with his studio) the Asylum Studios Art Society Facebook page where collectors, artists, and fans can come together and show off their work and or collections, purchase art directly from artists, plug their projects, of just hang out and talk. They are almost 800 members strong in just 9 months. Tons of pro and amateur artists frequent the group everyday.

Places to see his work:

Asylum Studios Art Society Group:

Rusty Gilligan First Jersey Appearance!


He has been a fixture in comics since 1978 with credits including Marvel, DC, Big Bang, Image,

 Heavy Metal and more. His film work includes the original “Heavy Metal”, “Spider-Man 2 & 3″,

and more recently “Captain America”, the "Avengers", and “The Walking Dead”.
Back in 1993, Rusty was working for card producer Clubhouse Diamonds and actually

 created the first ‘sketch cards’ in the trading card hobby, and to his surprise, it soon took off

and became a world-wide phenomenon.
In the past few years, Gilligan rejoined the sketch card arena and has provided cards for Upper

Deck, Breygent Marketing, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Cult-Stuf, and many others, including

producing his own sketch card set for the “Mac and Trouble” comic book he is releasing

this year.
Currently, "The Adventures of Mac and Trouble" can be seen in comic books, cartoon strip for publications, and soon a online feature.

This is a perfect time to bring posters or memorabilia from some great films such as the original

 Heavy Metal. Please see his credits at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0319207

Rusty has promised to work on many show exclusives and free signed give-a-ways.



Website: www.macandtrouble.com
Blog: rustygilligan.blogspot.com
Twitter: @macandtrouble

Facebook: Rusty Gilligan -and- Mac and Trouble


Douglas Brode

  • Screenwriter, Author, novelist, film historian and journalist
  • Midnight Blue – Screenwriter
  • Professor – Newhouse School/Syracuse University
  • Rod Serling & The Twilight Zone – Co-Author
  • Yellow Rose of Texas – The Myth of Emily Morgan – Co-Author
  • The Films of Robert De Niro – Author

Joe Orsak

  • Virgin Vampires – Co-authored with Douglas Brode
  • Artist

Richard Meyers (born 1953), is an American columnist, author and comic book writer. For his contributions to the martial arts film industry, was the first non-martial artist to be inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.[1] Ric Meyers has met, talked with and written about the most influential people in Asian films. His book Great Martial Arts Movies is the reference tool many use to build their Asian Film collections.[citation needed]

He writes for Asian Cult Cinema and Inside Kung-Fu, and he is friends with Jackie Chan and Tsui Hark.[citation needed] He has also done audio commentaries for more than forty DVDs as of 2008; he interviews Steven Chow on Sony's American release of Kung Fu Hustle.

He regularly attends FanimeCon and has hosted/presented the annual Superhero Kung-Fu Extravaganza at the San Diego Comic Con since 1998. Although perhaps best known for his contributions to the martial art movie industry (Rim Films called him "one of the men most responsible for the acceptance of Asian action movies and stars in America"), Meyers has been writing, consulting, and performing professionally since 1974.

He is the author of at least two dozen books of both fiction and nonfiction under variations of his name, as well as several pseudonyms, such as Dane Hartman and Wade Barker. His most successful and popular include Doomstar, Fear Itself, Murder in Halruua, TV Detectives, For One Week Only: The World of Exploitation Films, and contributions to The Destroyer, Dirty Harry, and Ninja Masterpaperback series.

Periodicals he has contributed to such publications as Starlog, Famous Monsters of Filmland, The Armchair Detective, and DirectTV The Guide.

He has also written superhero fiction, including the third Marvel Comics novel The Incredible Hulk: Cry of the Beast, and contributing to the 60th anniversary issue of Detective Comics.

Mina Sanwald is an American Illustrator and Animator. In 2012 she released her first graphic novel, The Big Fat Book of Luscious Chicken. Mina has been credited in two animated shorts from Plymptoons Studios; TMZ and, Flying House. Currently she's an animation producer for the movie Ginger Girls. Mina is best known for her colorful hair and quirky Manga-esque drawing style.

Dave and Ted will be signing copies of Horror Biz Magazine and answering questions about their movie productions.

R. Allen Leider is a film reviewer/screenwriter who began his career in 1970 at CBS News with Walter Cronkite. In 1973, he became features writer for The Monster Times newspaper and went on to become Features Editor at Show, Celebrity and Glitter Magazines and other international publications. His photojournalistic work has been syndicated worldwide. In 1984, he created the original story and screenplay for “The Oracle” (1985), and hosted his own radio show Cinemascene on WWFM. Presently, he writes and edits the online Black Cat Review magazine http://blackcatmedia.com/   . His newest projects are the “Wicca Girl” Quadrilogy, http://wiccagirlmovie.com/ a magical fantasy action-adventure following 18 year old Druscilla Marie d’Lambert from her Medieval childhood thru her transformation to Witch ,  to her modern day assignments as a supernatural MI-6 agent. He also edits and contributes to the “Hellfire Lounge” anthology series.

At Toys On The Hudson you an expect Allen to showcase WiccaGirl, Hellfire Lounge, Druscilla & Cheralyn Figures, Autograph Monster Times Magazine and any of his other works.

Ed Coutts is a penciller, inker and painter whose comic book work includes covers and interiors for AC Comics' "Femforce", Kaso Comics, 3J Productions, and recently "VaVaVaVoom!" for Palisades Press.  He has also done illustrations in R. Allen Leider's "Wicca Girl" series and the "Hellfire Lounge" anthology series, hundreds of portraits for "Character Counts" school agendas, Sadlittles "Femforce" card set, and several posters for off-off Broadway plays.

SAM GRINBERG is an underground cartoonist from New Jersey.
He is currently studying at the School Of Visual Arts in NYC while producing his original comic book series " Rubber Bando Comics". 
His web site is: http://www.samgrinberg.com/ 

Steiner Palomino : is a comic book writer/artist/Illustrator known primarily for his self published work “New Era G.” Before New Era G, Steiner has done many fan-art illustrations based off of video games, comics and cartoon characters, which have been his greatest inspirations as a kid.

Stamayo Studio, is the name of his own Studio that he hopes to one day open up somewhere in downtown New York city. Until then, he lives as a freelance artist, doing illustrations, fan-art, graphic 

design, web design, animation, and of course comic books.


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